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League Rules

Click here for League Rules: 2020 Adult Constitution By Laws

Up the Middle Rule

Any Sharply Batted Ball that HITS the Pitcher and, is not deflected by the Pitchers Glove First , will be a Dead Ball, an Out and an Ejection. 

The Amateur Softball Program is organized and administered by USA Softball of San Antonio for leisure and recreation enjoyment for the citizens of San Antonio.
1. Commissioner of the various leagues shall be the Manager of USA SOFTBALL OF SAN ANTONIO & the Metro Commissioner and shall enforce this Constitution and By-Laws. 

2. The By-Laws, as set forth in this Constitution, shall be strictly adhered to and supersede rules from all other sources in the specific areas with which they are concerned. All areas NOT specifically covered in these By-Laws and Constitution are subject to the official USA Softball Playing Rules.
3. Any matter not covered in this Constitution and By-Laws shall be left to the discretion of the USA Softball of San Antonio Manager or Commissioner.
4. The Commissioner shall approve all umpires, scorekeepers, etc.
5. You may reach the USA Softball of San Antonio staff by calling 210-590-0350 or by emailing them at